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Plus, for every person who subscribes, we give another day of access to reading materials and library books to girls in Cambodia to help their education through the project Free To Shine and via B1G1.


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  • Impact and Giving: We support global worthy causes everytime we connect with you. It's how we do our bit to change the world. So far we've made over three million impacts to people in need around the world, impacting every one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals through the giving we do. We're here to make an impact. But I'll share more about that a little later.

  • Positive Relationships: I'm looking to add value to our relationship together, not to exploit it. So feel free to ask me questions, share ideas or concerns and let me know how I can serve you better. And if you have a challenge that I know someone in my network is better placed to assist, I'll always ask your permission to introduce you to them first. This is what I'd expect too.

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